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Our Team

The Founder-Chandler Zhang

Chander graduated from the major of pharmaceutical science.And he worked in pharmaceutical company for almost two years.In 2005 he started his own bussiness,supply medical consumable and laboratory products to hospitals and oversea.He has gained the trust of many customers and those customers are willing to cooperate with him . He has always had a clear mind and a warm service attitude at work.

Vice-General Manager

Mango Wang --Graduated from Zhejiang University(The University ranks
54th in the world ) with the major of Biomedical Optics.After graduation with a master's degree,he entered the institute of medical devices with excellent results.In year 2008 under great pressure,Mango resigned from the institute and start his career of medical products with Chandler.After almost 12 years of experience and conjunction with his own major in university,Mango always has his own idea of dealing with the products and things which happen in the process.His hope is serve our customers with his professional and knowledge.

Oversea Department

Top seller-Jessica Fu

I believe that everyone's success is not accidental.As long as you work hard,it will always have the result of hard work , show the results to others , and the process is not so important.

Leader seller-Amy Chan

Don't be frightened by defeat, and don't be carried away by victory.

The Lucky Girl- KiKi Yu

I always pay 100% passion in work.I like to chat with my clients and help them solve problems they face on.

The Sunshine Girl-Wendy Yu

Life is always a tough Journey,You should be tougher with sunshine  and loves.

Hardworking girl-Grace He

Makes the correct matter first, then correctly works.

Golden seller-April Gong

Dealing with some uncertain customers, I can calmly analyze the reasons and make up for her shortcomings.