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Simple and effective

I am Chandler, the Founder of the brand KAMED. It’s the brand I am proud of. When I visited my clients abroad, they always asked why is it called KAMED? Does it have any special meaning? I replied yes. It’s a long story about my parents with me. At that moment my memory went to that times…

Years 2003—On the eve of my university graduation, SARS came off guard. Countless medical workers were fighting bravely on the front line of the fight against SARS. Even some medical workers lost their precious lives in this battle.We, who were about to graduate from the medical university, realized that we have a great responsibility and are also eager to try. We hoped to graduate and join the team of doctors as soon as possible, devote our strength to save more patients, and restore the original peace and tranquility of this world. However, for me, in addition to the same anxiety as my classmates, there is also more worry about my relatives.

My mother and brother lived in Guangzhou, the severely affected area of SARS, and their lives were threatened by infection at any time. I called my mother with a disturbed mood every day. When the call was picked up, my hanging heart suddenly relaxed, happy like a child in my mother's arms, feeling the long-lost warmth and love. Fortunately, SARS was solved by great medical staff when I graduated. We all cherish this hard-won new life. Since then, a seed has been planted in my heart: take good care of my family and create a brand that allows me to learn something to benefit more people.

Year 2005——After two years of training in a pharmaceutical company, I learned a lot about medicine, including medical consumables, medical instruments, product parameters, and usage methods of medical equipment. The two years of work experience made me know how to realize my dream as soon as possible and able to apply what I have learned. Thus, I quit my job and started my own entrepreneurial journey in November of that year. I founded a company called CARE MEDICAL. I did not hesitate in choosing this name. Because I almost lost a loved one, enabling me to build a stronger sense and responsibility in taking good care of my family than before. I hope that my company will spread the recognition of the importance and irreplaceability of their relatives to more young people. Our ad slogan is: You deserve to be well taken care of…. In fact, your family needs to be better taken care of, and you have a unshirkable responsibility to your family.

Year 2007--- On one normal day, I received a call from my father. He told me about his stomach bleeding. I quickly put down what I was doing and took him straight to the hospital. Unfortunately, my elderly father was diagnosed with bowel cancer. During the time my father was hospitalized, I put aside everything on hand and stayed with him every day. When I saw that the various consumables and equipment I sold were adopted for my father's body, I suddenly realized that I was responsible for everyone who used my products. Every patient who enters the hospital puts hope and future on these products, especially cancer patients. When I chatted with everyone on the bed, they stated that they believe in science and doctors. They have such a strong belief to fight the disease. Such chats hit my soul deeply and made me a belief from a slogan-like focus on quality to a true one. Unfortunately, my father left me forever after a year of treatment. Nonetheless, I have learned that we must be down-to-earth to achieve the ultimate perfection of each product to do business, bringing hope and beauty to more people.

The employees of our company always work with a strong sense of responsibility and social responsibility. Therefore, in the difficult entrepreneurial process of more than ten years, our product development and supplier selection have undergone layers of screening. In terms of quality control, our belief is: products that do not meet the standards will not be launched, and products that do not meet the standards are not recommended. In terms of cooperation partners, our choice is: companies that do not have a sense of honesty and quality management will not cooperate to prevent more rotten products from flowing into the market. Our company's entrepreneurial philosophy is to develop products that are safe and effective for consumers. We put an end to products that are contrary to our company's philosophy because they not only cannot satisfy consumers' experience but also harm the social value of our brand. KAMED is not just a brand, but a belief and a quality value that pursues perfection and never compromises.